Monday, March 24, 2008

To Kill A Cat

1. Hear it Meow
2. Hear it Meow!
3. Hear it MEow!
4. Hear it MEOw!
5. Hear it MEOW!
6. Trip over it.
7. Stab it in the throat with a knife, break its neck by grabbing it at the base of the skull and slinging it in rage to the ground, throw it in the road and run over it!

Alt: or you could go oldschool and throw it in a dryer or really old microwave.


Lacee said...

Omg. D8

LoveDeath said...

I felt like posting, but what I was thinking of posting was too long for the amount of time that I had (which I don't remember what it was now). Then the cat was being really annoying, and Kali was yelling at it- Even more annoying. So that was the result.

Alicia said...

that was....creepy. I like the old microwave idea though.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll hide my cats away the next time you drop first, okay???

LoveDeath said...

I didn't really kill my cat. It was just annoying me to death (or his almost death)... And I would never even attempt to kill a cat unless it was about to kill me first. So everyone's cats are safe around me.