Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Stuff

So I got brave and modified a template. I'm not used to xml so it was a bit annoying at first. It still is annoying because I want to just write a complete new one in HTML with my favorite three frame design that I made a while ago. But I guess if everyone started making frames all over the place, then blogspot would have to get more space and start charging people for server space and that wouldn't be good. If I had server space somewhere else, I could do it... I'll stop babbling about it now and get on with other things. New things are good to learn anyway.

I went to the mall yesterday and bought a book on C++ and one on making documentaries. The one on C++ came with a code compiler that you have to install on your computer and register online before you can use. Well, my laptop is being stupid because it won't run the ZeroConfig.exe that Windows needs to run my wireless card. Well, Windows tells me that I can learn how to fix the problem by going ONLINE and looking at the microsoft helpbase! How stupid Microsoft is! How am I supposed to go online to fix a problem when the problem is that I can't get online!?!

Last night I stayed up untill 3:30 blasting away zombies in Resident Evil 4. That game is so cool. I really like it on a big TV and surround sound and in the dark. MUAHAHA. Die you parasite controlled freaks!! AHGAGAHHHH! Umm... Ok, so I like to get into it. Its fun!

I'm also applying for an IT job in FL. Its one of those know someone who knows someone kinda things. I sent my resume to my aunt to give to the guy yesterday. Pray that I get it. I just need something so I can get down there.

I wrote a new poem today while sitting in the warm sun at Sheets. Check it out on my Elite Skills.

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