Thursday, March 27, 2008

Taco Bell And Gay Strip Clubs

So, after watching American Idol, I suddenly got an urge to go get a gordita supreme at taco bell. I took ryan and we tried the one in Louisburg, just because I haven't been to Louisburg in a while. It was closed- Lame. We then went to Wake Forest and ate the best Gordita Supreme I've ever had. Being energized by the scrumpcious food, neither one of us wanted to go straight back home. We called Charles, but he had to get up early. So we decided to just go to downtown Raleigh.

In Raleigh, at midnight, we just parked the car and walked around. There this one place that we walked by and Ryan was like "thats a gay bookstore. Funny, you can usually see inside during the day." But yeah, all of the windows and even the door were blacked out and there was techno music with the stripper beat playing really loud. Can we say "dontwannagothere"? So we kept walking and somehow wandered into Mason Park. So we got hit up by five homeless people and all I had was a dollar. About three of them looked like they were needing a fix anyways. But there was this one guy who looked sincere and he said that there was no more room for him at the shelter tonight and he just needed to scrounge up two dollars for a small meal. So I gave him my dollar. I hope he finds something.

The only things open were bars and clubs. I wanted to go into a random music bar and just listen to whoever was there,but I didn't feel like spending any money. We found our way back to the car and somehow ended up at Merideth College. I texted Lisa, but she was probably sleeping. Then we decided to go home. So that was our little adventure for tonight.

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