Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm a bird. You're a bird. Let's fly south together.

I really feel like updating this, but my body is in conflict with my mind and I'm not feeling like doing it, but I will anyways...

I put in my two weeks notice for my security job yesterday! I'm so excited because I thought this job was crap before, but now the job isn't the only thing that is crap. I fell like the poop on the end of someone's stick. They cut my hours from 38 to 26 without changing the days that I work and without getting me off the nightshift in a matter of about two weeks. Then they told me that they wanted me to work a dayshift during the week in addition to my night shift, but I just never called them back on that. I already feel like crap during the middle of the week because I'm trying to adjust my sleep for a couple of days, then they want me to work on top of that? Umm NO! And now I have to walk the parkinglot all night just because there were a few car breakins lately. UGHH!!!!!!!!
Plus I'm moving to FL soon anyways. I've applied to 50billion jobs on hotjobs now that I actually have a resume. In the meantime, I'll be working on garages and porches and such. It's going to be interesting. I'm supposed to get a call sometime soon though about a job with computers around here. We'll see how that goes, but I'm not sure if they'll want me when they find out that I'm planning on going to FL.

In other news... My friend's friend need a date for prom so he set me up to go with her. I've never even seen the girl in my life, except that after that we've sent some facebook messages. Then my friend's date backed out on him (who happened to be best friends with the girl that I'm going with). I'm still planning on going with this girl that my friend set me up with though. Yeah, this is probably the most complicated situation that I've ever been part of in my life even though it might not seem that complicated to some.

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Lacee said...

lolz. It's like.. a blind date, but not! XD