Friday, March 21, 2008

It All Comes Back

I'm back from Florida because I have to work for a couple of hours. For the little bit of time I was down there I got a lot accomplished. Even though the only two places I actually applied to were Starbucks and Best Buy, I did get to gather much information and talk to people about things so that I can make more informed decisions.
I met my Uncle and he showed me around the FAA in Hilliard. That was the coolest place. I would so love to work there. We started on the control deck and he took me through the entire building explaining how everything works. Its a massive tokken ring network! And all of the network equipment and computers that run all of the radar equipment were normal PCs that you can buy anywhere. I thought that was amazing. He even took me to The Server Room. I was like "yes a massive room full of millions of dollars in computers. Am I still alive?" The only job that I'm able to apply for in the FAA is in Hawaii right now. :(
The Florida Air National Guard is also an option that I'm looking into. My uncle said that he would give my name to the recruiter that he knows so I can talk to him about all of my options, but what would be really cool is if they let me go to Pensacola, pay for my school there and let me be an on base civilian photographer. I would absolutely love that. We'll see how that goes.
My grandma just happens to know the GM of Channel 7 in Jacksonville. They were next door neighbors for like 30 years! So she took me to see him. When she asked to see him, the front desk girl looked at us funny and was like "mmm OK" but he was on vacation and I ended up getting some names and agencies from her. She was really nice, and she remembered my other uncle that used to work there. Its a small world after all.
I pretty much found out that all job applications are online now. Even the ones for CBS and NBC and the FAA and everything. So that is where most of my free time will be spent. Exhausting myself to the navigation and filling out of forms and such. Its going to be harder to do now that the unemployment rate is going up and rumors spread of a worldwide recession. Ugh! Perfect timing. :(
I was also like 300 miles closer to Taylor when I was down there. I miss her so much. Next time I go it will have to be for a week, at least. That way so I can scoot on over to Paxton (mapquest it if you want to know where it is) or at least meet her in Tallahassee. She really is my best friend in the whole world. We've known each other for 8 or 9 years now and we may end up going to the same college. Isn't it funny how the song really is true? Was Disney a prophet?

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Alicia said...

Hope you get a job! Dude, computers are amaaaazing!