Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm in Jacksonville now. The ride here was uneventful except that I listened to the Barlow Girls CD probably 5 times. Their voices are so pretty. And its funny that even though I'm a guy and their songs are mostly for girls I can relate to most of them.

I'm too tired to post much else now, but I did see Sinsei Bruce today. He was teaching the younger class when he saw me through the window. I saw him do a double take. When I approached him after the class, he could tell me everything I had ever done: the coffee mug I gave him one Christmas; I had a brother; my nick name was chuck for a while. He could tell me all of these things, but not my first name. I was great to see him again- still teaching the same values and life lessons he taught me and Sydney many years ago. I was like "Wow, I remember being young and answering these same questions about strangers and what to do when they want to get you but you're too little to properly defend yourself." I'm totally going back to Shotokahn.


Lacee said...

Aw, dude that's awesome. It's great that you could meet up with him again. :D

Alicia said...

*laughs* barlow girl? Nothing against them, but thats funny. XD