Friday, October 31, 2008

We'll live in hearts we leave behind

"We'll live in hearts we leave behind... you can't replace though, the ones you've lost."- Beloved Watching the Lines

This one line is just so amazing. The thought that we do die physically, but we live on in memory and impact. Just think of all of those people that lived before us. It is because of decisions they made through their lives that we are where we are today. Think of "Ugha-bubba" who decided that things move better when rolled on something round. Where would we be without him. No one even knows his name, but he lives on in our lives through just about anything that moves. Isn't that so neat?
And on a more personal level, just think of what you would leave behind if you died right now. No one knows when they are going to die. The present is all we have. What would you leave behind? Would we leave a trail of destruction that we thought maybe could be fixed later? Or would there be a trail of bleeding hearts that were mended; lives that were broken now rebuilt? That is the way I want to live on. I want to live on because I showed someone that there is a reason to live in the first place. I want to leave behind hearts that remember not me, but that they were hurting and someone took the time to see their pain and cared enough to help. Usually that is all it takes is to stop and pick someone up off the road and carry them to the inn. Then they will heal. But so many times people are like the Priest and the Merchant. They are too worried about their own lives and they just keep walking by. How will you live on?

I guess that's why I get so depressed sometimes is because I see people who hurt all of the time. And I just want to take their pain and say "Here I'll take this a while." ( Kind of like Sam Gamgee. He really is a sad character in the Lord of the Rings. All he wants to do is help Frodo, but Frodo thinks that Sam is trying to destroy him. And then Gollum makes things worse by tricking Frodo into thinking that Gollum is his only hope and that Sam cannot be trusted. That's how I feel sometimes. Like even though I try to help people, they see it as something wrong.)
But they try to shrug it away like nothing is hurting them at all. There is hardly anyone who is not hurting for some reason or another. That's why I hate the now 'osopopular greeting "How are you?" because people almost always reply with a monotone "Fine" or "good". It has taken a question of general concern and turned it into something so artificial. If we were just open with ourselves and open with each other, the world would be a much better place to live in. But of course {fallen=messed up} {{human=fallen} ^^ {human=messed up}. If a=b and b=c then a=c. I just want to help people. That's why I hope to one day be making movies that make people think and feel. I want them to think and feel the things that points them towards healing and Christ.
I think that so many times its difficult for people to see healing in Christ because all they see is people who hurt others and claim to have no pain themselves while all the while they are claiming that Christ is their Savior. I mean sure he is (and I'm certainly not downplaying that) but a lot of times people leave out all of the other things that he is too. And that is what people need to see in us, is that we know we hurt and we know they are hurting, but there is a way to get through it all.


Anonymous said...

Very very true. That was a very good post, very thought provoking. It is good to see you upbeat and positive :). Hang in there and remember to put your armor on every day, and fill up before you head out to share your compassion and care for others.

artisticace'smom said...

Very good post Jeremy...and you do help others, I can definitely see that.
Take care, I love ya...