Friday, August 8, 2008

Speachless Words

Well, I'm loving my job so far. I get to make cool ice cream and coffee things and not get overrun by customers. The stuff is not to complicated to do and the owner has everything labeled and written out so we don't have to memorize anything. Its pretty cool to bring culture to the rednecks of the Oceanway.

And Zhang Yimou is amazing. HOLY HALOED WINGED GOLD GLITTERING crap. To direct all of that. And it was all perfect. All of those people to get together and coordinated. I mean come on- 2008 drummers with 2008 lighted drums that were perfectly synchronized by people instead of machines! And then what he did with the LCD on the FLOOR. GAH! It just shows why he is the one directing it all. It actually made me shed tears. It was amazing. SO just in case you missed the opening Olympic ceremony, look it up on NBC or something. And that little kid with Yao Ming (SP?) brings tears and awe too.

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Seri said...

I could just see you crying over the TV