Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Death Is Just Another Path- One That We All Must Take

I've sucked like a monkey with a straw so far this month at updating this thing and keeping in touch with people. But basically, besides a few delays and changes in the boring plot of my recent life, it's been "same ol' same ol'."

I really feel like writing a lot, but I just don't have much to write here right now. Oh, the stalemate of desire and reality! That a man should want, but have no need. And in having no need, breeds his want of a need. But alas the need is not there, and the paradox begins again.

I feel like a wasted body, a wasted brain, a wasted piece of this world that was created to do something great, but hasn't found its way to get there. Like the tree that was cut down to build a palace, but has only been cut down and not yet cut up into workable pieces. Many birds and small animals nested in its branches. Many beasts of the forest hunted underneath its shade. But now it lies there useless and waiting to be used for what it knows it can be, and there is no man in sight to cut it up and carry it off. Its just left there to do nothing, as it watches its former tenants find trees elsewhere.

-"The last pages are for you..."


Serenity Shaw said...

Well sounds like things have gone a little south...
Call me, I'd call you, but besides not having your # I don't know when you work
So just call any night at all..
I love you!!

LoveDeath said...

ok. Like I told Charles and many others, I suck at calling people. But I'll try to do better. lol.

Serenity Shaw said...

Thats ok...but Id love to talk to you
so hit me up when you can...