Sunday, August 31, 2008

On the Edge, A Sword Brings The Meaning of Destiny.

So I was sitting here about to read my book when I was like "I really feel like drawing something right now because I haven't in a while." And a while back I had decided that I was going to draw more, so I even bought a sketch book and all. But when I found my sketchbook there was nothing in it. haha. So I drew stuff in it. I really want to at least halfway develop my drawing skills. I used to draw a lot when I was younger, but then the technological side of me took over and I got into computers. But now I want to see what I can do- expand myself. Stretch a rubber band and let it fly. woohoo.
Wow, I think I'm on a caffeine trip and Imaboutto CRASH! Idunwanna crash. I hate it when the crash comes. I like going 100MPH, but I guess soon you wear out the engine doing that. I really feel like playing my bass with some people right now. I've already played it by myself, but I'm tired of playing by myself. I want someone to play with. Its really annoying to come up with ideas, but then you can't try them out because there's no one else there to try them with. That's happened a lot since I've been here. I'll be sitting there and BOOM greatidea! But then I'll do my part and there's no one else to do the part that I can't do while I'm doing mine. UGH. I strongly dislike it.

The blade on the table, the note on the floor.
I saw you so happy but so sad.
Tell me who should I be more sorry for?
The music plays in my mind
to erase the pain but it takes time
to heal the wounds that cause regret.

Wounds become scars
too deep for time to erase
And who could deny
the canvas of your face?
Please tell me who I could be
If you were you and I was me.
And take it for what it is.

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Serenity Shaw said...

For the Bass thing
you could record you doing your part, then doing the other part and layer them....
An by the way lol, next time we talk it should be earlier so we don't fall asleep on the phone