Saturday, June 21, 2008

True Love's Kiss

I found a small path untraveled by my former man. On this path I found a creature that walked on all fours and had a round hard back. Its face green with a beak and round, black marble eyes. It could draw in all of its extremities beneath its back. I dare not try to tease this animal, for within its beak seemed terrible jaws that, though not extremely large, seemed as though they might make a tasty morsel out of my flesh. I marveled at this wondrous work of God, but allowed it to continue on its way dragging himself across the sand. Some very few paces later I happened upon another of these creatures that, upon seeing me, scuttled back to its hole in the sand that it was peering at me from.

Upon exiting this path, a vast expanse lay before me- first the sand; then the water and sky. It seemed to stretch on forever. At first I felt I was alone in this vast emptiness that contained so many treasures I will probably never know them all. But as I looked to my right and left I found that I was mistaken. Many other travelers were also here. They seemed prepared for the watery elements, which I was not. Nevertheless, they were some ways off, and though I was not alone, I felt it.

As I wandered to my right, I saw yellow tape stretched across sticks placed in the sand. It seemed as if someone was trying to fence off a small area with this puny device. I drew closer to observe and found a sign bearing the news that sea turtle eggs had been laid there, and they were not to be disturbed under penalty of law. Not wanting to disturb them, law or no law, I walked towards the water where the waves crashed on top of each other as if they were all hungry and they were the only food. Apparently they did not eat to their fill because they would fizzle out into a small, foamy flow by the time they reached shore.

I found a small shell, and with it I drew my name in the sand only to have the waves wash it away. Yours was there too- right below mine and in a different hand. Though it was the same hand that drew them as the wind blew through my hair. Then travelers drew too near, so I had to abandon you and me. But do not worry dear. Though our names be gone, they still were drawn there. Things are as they are, just as the sand returns to the sea.