Thursday, June 19, 2008

Drowning in Ankle Deep Water

My body is extremely tired, but my mind is wide awake thinking about things that bother me. So for once I'm actually going to write it out. I actually really feel like hanging out with someone, but I haven't found anyone here yet that I could just call up and hang out with. Probably the closest person that I could do that with would be De, but he's a 30something year old single guy that stays busy. The main thing is he lives in orange park- which is a while away.

What I don't understand is why great girls always find the wrong guy. I've met so many girls in my life that seem to be amazing. Most of the time these amazing girls are single. (No offense to anyone, but most girls are best when they're single.) And I know being single can get really lonely after a while- especially when they see all of their friends going off with guys and stuff. So when the first guy that shows any serious interest in them whatsoever comes along, they're always like "OHABOYMINE". But the first guy who shows that interest is usually a jerkface. And (from my perspective) its always so obvious. Sometimes they're just a bum-loser that wants to mooch off of someone. Sometimes they're Mr. Smooth and Sweetnowiwantyourbooty. Or just whatever.
But everytime I've had a chance to see the situation I've seen it coming. Its like "Duh Girl. He was already Mr. Jerkface before you knew him."
"But I thought I knew him." or "I know, but I thought he could change."
#1 NO you didn't know him at all. (Obviously). And you never will for quite a while, so don't think you figured him out.
#2 If you find the perfect Mr Jerkface that you think you can mold into your perfect guy, you've been listening to too many fairytales. People are who they are, and if they change for you then they're not really changing themselves at all. They're just changing their appearance so that they can get closer to your heart. No matter what they say- on the inside and after its all said and done, they're still the same unless they changed because they wanted to and not because you wanted them to.

I guess my thing is that girls just need to be patient for a good niceguy to come along. The reason Mr. Jerkface has already showed his interest is because he doesn't know how to handle his insecurities on his own so he goes and impulsively looks for someone to transfer them to- hoping that this will be the answer. The reason the right guy hasn't shown his face to you yet is because #1 he realizes that he is insecure, and before he can take care of another person's heart he has to be able to handle his own. #2 Maybe a great guy has looked your way, but he doesn't want you to mess up who you are just yet because of him being in a relationship with you. (Like it or not, people do change when they start to date people.) #3 Great guys usually take things quite a bit slower than others so maybe they just want a bit of who you are before they really know you. When this happens, the guy usually tends to think things through a bit and is really afraid to mess up what he already has in a friendship. So he needs some sort of self assurance that everything will be OK. Then that is where the insecure part comes in. So the guy has to deal with that before he can even begin to deal with his relationship with a girl.

And its not like there is a complete drought of great guys in the world. There are just a whole lot of bad ones. And sometimes the bad ones are chosen so easily that the good ones get left out. Its really sad because there are these people out there who want nothing but to love other people and be loved back. That's all they want. Then they put so much effort into a relationship with someone only to get "You're such a great friend. I know you can help me. I met this guy at a grocery store today and..." What do guys have to do, make a big sign and stick it to their forehead?: "NICE GUY GENUINELY NEEDS LOVE FROM SOMEONE WHO IS YOU" Gheez. I've known some people who its like "man this guy is one of the best people I know. Why isn't someone at least trying to hang around him?" I just wish that girls would look around more before they tie their insecure heart to the insecure heart of someone else. All that brings is a mess.

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