Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Class Schedule??? (I hope)

So I decided to stay up, drink coffee and work on things (sleep is boring anyways). This is what I hope my class schedule will be. (After I find a job)

Eng. Comp. 1- ONLINE
College Algebra (or maybe a lesser math ;0)-< ONLINE
Photography 1- 11am-1:50pm T/TH
Acting 1- 12-1:15pm M/W
Intro to Video Production- 6pm-10pm Wed.

These classes are on the South Campus and not on the North Campus as I had hoped. At least I don't have to drive back and forth from North to South due to online classes. But this is all pending on job situation. Hopefully I can get a job from 3-10 or something like that. Friday and Saturday are completely open, and I won't have to be to class until noon on Monday... The partybilities are endless. lol.
Actually, I'll probably spend those 4 days on my online classes.

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