Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Had to Eat the Carrot Cake (JOBS 2)

Since I've gotten here, my halfway good eating habits have gone down the drain. I don't want to eat a food, but then someone keeps begging me to eat it. Now that I think about it, it kindof ticks me off. It'll be there all day, and I won't touch it. Then someone says "Jeremy why don't you have some of this ::insert non health conscious food::?" At first I resist and say "That's OK." But then they just have to be persistent because they think I'm so skinny or something. For REAL! Since I've been back its always been "Well look at how skinny he is now." Or "why won't you eat something ELSE?" I'm thinking that so many people just eat too much around here that they become blind to how much they are actually eating. Like today, we had the largest hotdogs I've ever seen in my life, and how many do people get? Two. It makes me feel weird to only eat one. Its like pier pressure to eat too much. UGH! I don't like it. I've already started gaining weight since I've been here. And BTW for those who watch too much TV, Florida is not full of skinny people like most people think. Eating is a pastime down here. Its horrible.
On the plus side of things I did go running tonight. It was pretty nice to be going straight and flat the whole way. I'll try to check the actual distance tomorrow. And I have been stretching and doing pushups and crunches every morning.

As for jobs, I didn't apply much today because I stayed up too late last night. I did get an email from a company about a bank teller position. And there's one about medical transcription. We'll see how those go. They both seem too commericalized but if they're real then I want them.


Lifes Battle at Heart said...

Yea, you have to watch your figure honey!
O dear.
and nice Ewok song

LoveDeath said...

Yeah, I know I'm so fat. lol. REALLY BIG j/k.

I was just randomly clicking on videos when I came across it. And I was like "EWOK! I must see."