Monday, June 9, 2008

Job Search: Day 1.2

Well, after all that has happened in my life I had to take a while away from attempting to find a place to make money, but now its back. Today I just stayed on the Internet a lot looking up places and applying online because when I do actually go to a place to apply they usually give me a blank stare and say "Oh, well here's a computer and here is a website. Its all ON-LIIINNNEEE- You know the IINNTEERRNET." And then I have this feeling like they think that I am completely computer illiterate as they take the mouse and start setting things up and explaining what to do. Its hard to find a decent job when the economy is down and you have no experience doing anything related to what you want to do. And then instead of places having NOW HIRING signs, they always keep their online applications open so you don't know if they're hiring or not. Then you waste stupid time applying to never hear from anyone. The world is just so impersonal these days. It used to be that people would wave as they drove by in the neighborhood. But that has become so uncommon that if someone does that you think "Who was that freak, and what did they want?"

I just don't know where to start. I guess I'll just ask where all of the restaurants are and start applying there. That's all I know to do without school or experience, and I can still have decently good pay doing that. I did apply to 5 Panera Bread locations that are within 13 miles of the house. That is a lot of Panera Bread. Hopefully they could use one more college student. I would rather enjoy a job standing behind a counter and making coffee and serving overpriced crumbs to people. I would enjoy Starbucks more, but it seems hard to get a job there because everyone wants to work there. I need to find a local chain of coffee shops or something. That would be what I really want to do. The best would be the coffee stand in a Barnes & Nobles.

I only need to save up 3x as much money as I have now. And living here, the only thing I would have to pay for would be my car and gas. But gas is crazy! That's why I need to work within 10 miles of here so I could get up early and run to work. I would love that. Or maybe I could just buy a cheap roadbike at a pawn shop or yard sale. That way so I wouldn't be too sweaty when I came in, but I could still save $4 a day. 4x30 is 120. So that would save me $120 a month! Which is great when you need every penny you have. Even if I bought a brand new bike at walmart it would pay for itself in a month. Wow.

I wish things were closer together. That's America's problem with gas that I don't think the rest of the world understands. In some countries you can have everything and everyone you need within a 5 mile radius because the country is only 200 miles across. In America, some people drive 50 miles a day to go to work(total). Back when gas was steady that wasn't that big of a deal, but even at 25 MPG that is $8 a day. For some people that is a whole hour of work spent in money in the hour it took them to drive there and home- A cost in money and devaluing their time.

To wrap it all up, I need something that is close and flexible. Close because of gas and time and the college is close too. Flexible because I don't know what my college schedule will be yet. That is something I will figure out tomorrow though (halfway). I know what I need to take now, and fall classes are posted. Maybe that will help in choosing a job schedule. I need to go to sleep now so I can do these things tomorrow morning instead of tomorrow afternoon.

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artisticace'smom said...

Hey, I still wave to all my neighbors (although most of them think that I am nuts)! Thanks for the encouragement you have given Seri. 14 is not an easy age, so much transition in the girl world.
Hope you get a job soon, those young ladies would love to get served coffee and a crumb from you, maybe you need to work at a place that gives tips!
Take Care