Monday, May 5, 2008

Jacksonville so far...

For those who don't know, I'm in Jacksonville again. This time it started out just being for my cousin Ashley's wedding, but its ended up being so much more than that now. Gah. I'm glad I'm a sporadic person because things just seem to happen when they happen to me. (Some halfnotknowing planning was done this time.)

Ashley's wedding was a bit stressful for me. I thought I was just going to walk up an isle and stand there wearing a tux. How wrong I was. After working all day and driving all night Thursday, Ryan and I arrived at Memi's house safely at 3:00 Friday morning. Being dead tired, I proceeded to sleep. Dad called me at 8:30 ish to tell me that they were leaving. Aunt Angie called me at 9 something to tell me that Ashley was going to meet me later to get my vest for the wedding. Ashley called me shortly after to tell me that she was going to meet me later to get my vest. Aunt Angie called at 11:45 wanting me to meet her at the place ASAP. (Me with little sleep and just waking up) So I had to get up, take a shower and rush to the vest place. -That was just Friday morning.

(In between, I ate lunch with Nana and Papa and moved stuff around in the church. Then had to waste time at walmart because I had no time to do anything else, but I had too much time to just sit and wait for the rehearsal.)

During the rehearsal Friday night, I had no clue what I was doing until they told me that I was going to be an usher. -OK- And I was also informed that I was going to do the video (more on that adventure later). So now I get to pull double duty. But I was excited that they let me do the video after the ridiculously long time I'm taking with Michelle's (which is writing to a DVD as we speak- or 'as I speak'). So during the rehearsal, I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to find good angles and figuring out how to hide on the stage to get them and figuring out who is moving where and where I need to move to get them. And all this while people are needing me to do this and do that and "Jeremy, are you looking for something? -What is he doing? " BlaBlaBla. That room didn't leave me much to work with as far as wide angles go. Then for the close ones, I had to do quite a bit of sneaking. I decided on 2 cameras and 2 tripods (mainly because that's all I had).

Destination zero- And one of my tripods didn't show. At least I had two cameras though. I decided to tripod my aunt's handycam and freestyle my miniDV. I'm glad we had three ushers because otherwise I would've never got my cameras ready. And during the ceremony, the unexpected happened. The photographer that they hired kept getting right in my way! He was not good at being an onlooker. He was rather a buttface! (For lack of more words that I want to use, but wish to keep this blog halfway family friendly.) He was such a "donkey". (I guess I just feel better by verbally bashing him in disneylike manner) During people coming in, he stood right out in the middle of the isle wearing a tan polo and khakis and brown loafers exaggeratedly holding his camera up to his face and snapping 4,000 shots of the same picture. And during the unity candle (the parents part), he stood between the crowd and the candle- front and center and right in my shot. So I moved to get him out of it. But he moved to where he was still in it. Then after the lighting of the candles I was tyring to get the candles by themselves and the idiot just stood front and center not even trying to not be distracting. So I have him just looking like a buffoon behind the beautiful shot of the candles- Thanks JERK! Later on, as Ashley and Chris were leaving down the isle, he stood right in front of my tripod shot. So instead of getting them, I have a nice shot of his large rear end. I saw it from across the room and could do nothing but think angry thoughts at him as I'm running down the hallway trying to get to my tripod. He did even more idiotic things like that that really pissed me off. He had no respect whatsoever- for me or the wedding itself. Plus, he's a bad photographer because he had to take 10,000 pictures (I think the number he gave my uncle was 367) so that a few might turn out good. I hope they didn't pay much for him.

And another thing... I lost my phone that morning, so if anyone has tried to call me (which I doubt anyone who reads this has) I'm not mad and I'm not dead. I just have to go to alltel and get a new one.

On to something better...
Taylor is going to come visit me on Wednesday! I'm so FREAKING EXCITED! O my gosh! I haven't seen this girl in 3 years! And we've known each other for a really long time. She's coming Wednesday, staying Thursday and leaving Friday. I'm so excited and I can't wait to see her. Her family started me on the musical path. (I just thought about And even though we're so far away from each other we've stayed close friends all this time. I would consider her my alltime best friend. So yeah- Excitedness.

I'm also running around for a job this week here. Pray that I get something.

And one more freaky thing. I visited some old places here that have changed a lot since the last time I saw them, but they looked exactly like places in weird dreams that I have had recently. But I've never seen these places as they are now before. I thought it was weird. I think that means pretty soon I don't know what but somethings going to happen.

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Lacee said...

Sounds quite eventful! But in a good way. Hope the rest of it goes well too. :D