Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So basically I've been still slaving over the problems with my cousin's wedding. I think I found a converter that works better and is much more non-supercomputer friendly. So far it looks promising. The sample I did worked perfect. I just have to fix my problems with using it. So at least I know that the problem isn't the program or computer this time. Its a bit more "hands on" so I'll have to stay with the video and do some snipping to get it how I want. It should work out though. (Though I have been wrong about these things many times before.)

Speaking of videos... we workded on Stephan's movie Saturday and it seems to be coming along. Afterwards, I learned the all dominating game of Risk. (Insert dramatic war music). And it was pretty cool. I've wanted to play it my whole life and finally now I did (a 4 hour match I think). Then Scot had complete world domination in one move. So that was that.

I also need to study more than I do. I suck at studying without school, but since I know I'm going back, I know I have to study. Its just so I can stay ahead of the game or whatever. I guess I'll go do that now.

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