Thursday, April 24, 2008

All Else Fails

I realize that I haven't been keeping up with this as much as I want. I've been doing other things that are pointless and waste my time completely. I guess this is actually something constructive to add to my life. I have sort of been trying to post as many poems as I can for my poetry site, but all I've been doing is working, coming home and doing nothing. I can do a whole lot more than what I've been doing. I just have to motivate myself instead of looking for motivation. Like with the wedding video (which I am active in it in this moment. I'm just waiting for something to process.)- I know that I won't be able to get it to them until I go down to FL, so I just kinda waited until crunch time. If I would've worked on it from the time I started until I actually finished instead of "being lazy" or "procrastinating" or whatever you want to call it, it should've taken a month at the most. (A month because there have been a lot of technical issues with the files and my computer- I'm actually working on one of them now.)

I've let my clothes pile up so much that now I have to wash two loads today. And once again... no self motivation. I kept telling myself, "you have to wash clothes today" but did I listen? no.

So I walked away and completely forgot where I was going with all of this ranting. My computer is too slow to convert the PowerPoint to video like I want and its really frustrating trying to find the right FPS, compression codec, and resolution combination to get the highest quality possible for the video that my computer can put out. Why can't I just have a 4Ghz processor with 5MB of ram? Then I would be fine until I found a process that maxed that out.

I'm being distracted by too much going on around me to continue this for now...

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