Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jeans and Jobs

I applied to JC Pennys, Bealls, and Express today. It sounded like they really wanted to hire me at Express, but I might have to live with Nana with the way gas prices are if I work there. I'll just be a homeless nomad for a while. Moving from place to place as I need to. haha.

I also bought a pair of jeans from Hot Topic for $13! I never realized they had a clearance rack, but they did today. And the last pair of skinny/flare Lip Service jeans was just my size. Then I got a shirt at JCPennys for a total cost of $3 to me. (50%off/ $5 gift card/ 10% off the 50% price because of a Pennys card). Then I got a shirt at Bealls for $4. So thats a whole outfit and a half (that fits me like it was made for me) for $20. That's a pair of cheap jeans at Walmart. So beat that Walmarters!

And Taylor comes tomorrow! YAY! I'm oober excited!

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