Friday, February 22, 2008

Where Sun and Fire Cease

This just randomly started developing in my head after long brainstorming mindsketches that have bits and peices, so here's a start. There will be more sometime. I don't know if I'll post it here though. Enjoy and give feedback...

He walked across the fallen kingdom. Stone after stone he wondered "Is this the last stone I will ever see?" In the palace courtyard he stepped over the body of a fallen noble. Reverence did not matter much now. All else that happened was far more terrible than the death of this poor rich man laying beside his servant, both illuminated in red by the setting sun- dancing shadows above them cast by the flames of the next building. Kael noticed another shadow much different than the ones made by the stillness of the dead, but it was not his own. He quietly drew his sword in anticipation. The shadow swiftly grew larger. Kael turned and swung all in one motion. The blazing flames of the fire reflecting from his sword made it seem passionately alive and desperate, grasping for the destruction of anything that might threaten its existence. With only the sound of the sword finding satisfaction, the black masked attacker became as the Noble and his servant, quiet and still on the floor. Kael looked up, his black hair dripping sweat on his shoulders. He could find no other assailants though he was sure they were there, lurking in the shadows beyond the light of the setting sun and dancing fires. The Tsuchigumo were very numerous and cunning. The kingdom was crawling with these masked masters of destruction, and Kael knew that he could not sleep that night- not long at least.
Looking for more survivors, he searched the throneroom. The only light was that of the swiftly fading sun still glimmering through a hole in the dome shaped roof and reflecting off of the pool of water before the throne- where only three days before, sat a kind, caring, happy king. As capitan of the :?:palace guard:?: Kael had been sent to the North to deal with some raiders that were attacking the kingdom's cargo ships as soon as they would dock.
When the Tsuchigumo came, Kael did not see their ships until they were decending on the palace. Though he knew he was far away, he rode there as fast as he could on his speedbike. The journey over the Rocky Hills and through the Valley of Forests usually took six days for even the most skilled of land pilots. Kael made it in three. Now, looking at the empty throne room, Kael knew for certian that he was too late. All that was left of the king was his golden crown- broken when its wearer was thrown onto the marble floor- and his slashed and bloodied yellow robe floating quietly in the pool, bleeding out the blood of the one it was made for.


Lacee said...

Wow, you're a very descriptive writer. But you already knew that. xD

LoveDeath said...

I usually don't think of myself as being descriptive, but thanks.