Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Even though it's completely freexing outside, it's still completely beautiful. I loved it for as long as I could stand it. I want to grab a couple of friends and go frollick through a feild or go to the beach or something. Today is just one of those days that despite all of the stresses and failures in life and things you have to do, for me, it just feels so great to be alive. It's kinda sunny with a breeze and the leaves are rustling. Now all I need is Aaron Weiss and a broom so I can strum the guitar and not be afraid anymore. I've spent the morning just carelessly hanging around the house and it feels really good. I feel like a cup of sugar has poured into my tea for some strange reason. And eventhough there's no particular reason, life just seems so wonderful at the moment. So everyone I hope you have a great day, even one far greater than I will have. I'll see you in the ocean underneath where all the bright colored fish tell of that treasure in a dull shell.

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