Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Nightclubs and Paragons

Well. it is now 2008 I guess, just another day to live. For some reason, some people use the beginning of a new year to just act stupid and wild. Last night was a prime example of man being born completely messed up. People are stupid and the world is stupid. The way I see some people act sometimes makes me wish that I were something other than human. But then, writing this, I have to think about God's grace. Eventhough we as humans screw up all of the time (yes, I include myself) he still loves us enough to not completely get rid of us altogether, which is something I would have done a long time ago. There is yet some hope for the world. Among the kaos of last night, I did see two people who cared selflessly about each other and would give themselves up completely just to make sure that the other was alright. As I was standing there with them I almost started crying a few times just because I guess I see so much of the bad in humanity that is not in my general view that I forget all about the good that we humans have the potential to do with God as part of our lives. It made me so happy to see that. I wish I could've told them, but kaos insued. It was like for a moment in those crazy moments, a spotlight was shone, but like all spotlights, their subject wanders offstage eventually. All became frustration for the rest of the night.

Today, I felt like a lazy bum. Eventhough much could've been done, much was done, but not the much that I was origonally planning to do. So then when I started to do the stuff I had in my head to do today, I felt like "I've done a lot already, but now I have to do more?" So then the stuff that I porbably needed to do didn't get done as much as I hoped, but I did help do stuff. And now here I am typing about it on the internet because I'm too worn feeling to do it. I guess it's more in my mood of- I wanted to do it earlier, but now I don't. The thing that I'm talking about is the video for my cousin's wedding by the way. (Don't know why I didn't say that earlier.) I needed to work on it, but I had other stuff to do that took me longer than I thought it would. I guess I could get a little sleep and see if I can finish it before its too late tomorrow.

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