Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall "Break" and new stuffz

I am two hours away from the end of my fall break. What have I done during that break? Well I've dealt with some fear issues within myself and grown closer to God. Friday night I was a bit distressed and had a long phone conversation. Then I didn't feel good at all by 2am, so I had to call out of work for Saturday.
Because of some realizations that I had on Friday, I decided to go up to the seminary on Saturday and just pray and read my Bible. I read through Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Colossians, and 1 Thessalonians and various other scriptures and just prayed that God would make me a stronger man, and not the whiner that I've been lately. I am very thankful that some weaknesses about my personality were pointed out to me. These were things that I was slightly aware of already, but when someone else pointed it out to me I was very senstive of it. And then I realized that lately I've lost a lot of good qualities that I used to have. And I've been praying that God would give those back to me. Sunday, I finally took the kyak out with Robert and Katie. We skipped rocks, and rowed around a bit on Falls Lake. Well, Robert and I did most of the rowing.
Sunday night, Katie and I had a much needed discussion on some communication issues on my part. I know now thatI need to be completely open and not vauge about what I say. And I need to not be afraid to say anything. And I guess some of you that may read this blog know that I have a tendency toward vaguness. I can easily say what I want to say without someone ever knowing I said it. And when it comes to communicating on a personal level, that can be a very dangerous habit.
Robert spent the night on Sunday and I showed him around the good 'ol Funkytown after we played SmashBros till about 1:30am. Then I met up with Chad at Starbucks where he prety much talked to me about communication in relationships without me even bringing it up. Yeah, I think God was trying to tell me something...
I hung out with Katie all afternoon and we read random spats in the Bible and prayed a bit. Then we talked for quite a while, until we were both hungry- it feels really good to be able to talk to someone. So we made some dinner and watched Beauty and the Beast. Oh man, I haven't seen that movie in at least four years. The ballroom scene amazes me everytime. And now that I know how to anaylize stories better, its cool to see all of the symbols, messages and themes that they have going on in that movie. Spectacular.

And I wrote a new poem on my poetry blog today. Check it out.

In other recent developments, Stefan and I are starting a wedding videography business. We don't have a name for it yet. (Help with that is greatly appreciated) and I have a short, 45 second sample reel to get us going. Tell me what you think please. I'm debating on if that is the proper music or not. And if you know anyone who is getting married, you can give them our name. We'll be shooting in HD with two cameras and charge less than a lot of the guys who shoot "broadcast quality" with one. So here it is. Enjoy.

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