Monday, October 5, 2009

And Life Goes On...

Hi there! I know I've been MIA on here for a while, but I have decided it would be beneficial for me to return. I really have missed writing on here and I have no clue why I kinda dropped off the face of the internet. So now instead of just thinking about writing to someone out there on the vast expanse of the internet, I'm actually writing to you- whoever you are that is reading this. Yes you! Because you're important enough for me to let you know about me. Whether I know you or not. This is just a prelude into more days of blogging...but... since I've been away for so long its General Life Goings update:

  • I now live all alone in this big empty house. Meaning I have to pay more money to live.

  • I still work at the same job. :/

  • I met an amazing girl that I have become very close with, and it just feels natural to be around her. Maybe more on that subject later eh? ;)...

  • Anchor Soul is back! And its going to be freaking amazing this year. Its so good to be doing that again.

So just to let you know, you will be hearing from me a lot more from now on. I need to write and you want something to read. You know you do. ;)

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