Wednesday, January 28, 2009

26 Hour Day

So lately I haven't been sleeping well. I don't exactly know why, but for the past week I've been waking up inbetween 2 and 3 am every day. I'll just wake up and be like "not again..." ugh. I usually am able to fall back asleep, but one night I was just wide awake so I stayed online talking to my Uncle for a couple of hours before my failed attempt at sleeping again, and then getting ready for work. But anyways, school is going pretty well. I haven't had any REAL assignments due yet so we'll see. Just a bunch of reading....
I really don't mind reading at all, but to go from not reading much to having to read your life away... I don't know, I just get so bored with it and I'm like "OK, can't this be over with by now?" So I don't get that way, I'll have to grab a bottle of water or a giant cup of coffee or something to keep myself occupied. I'm actually kindof liking my classes so far. You just kinda show up and listen and read and ocasionally write. They could use a little more structure, but hey... its easy.

I stayed up for 26 hours Tuesday/Wed.... (after sleeping like 3 1/2)
So Tuesday morning was the morning that I woke up at 2am and talked to Uncle Jackie and didn't sleep again. At work, Nicole told me about a show at the Brewery (Love and Reverie) and I decided to go with her @8. I worked until 10. It was kinda slooowww.
Then I came home for a few hours and decied to go study at the bookshop in Louisburg. I got me a giant eggnog latte (yes they really do exist there) and studied for a couple of hours. Then I saw the "buy 1 get 2 free" sign, so I looked around and bought a book on fiction writing, one on the history of Utopian fiction, and one on abnormal experimental sociology. -Fun stuff for $5- Then I studied again until around 6.
I couldn't really study anymore, I didn't want to go home, I had some time to kill, and I was hungry. So I decided to go ahead and call Nicole and we met at the Huddle House in Lousiburg.

Then we went to the Brewery. Doors open at 8 right? So we get there at 7:50 and nobody's outside waiting to get in. Thinking that they already let people in because of it being kinda chilly, I go to open the door and its locked. So we were the only two that stood there waiting for the door to open and we ended up being the first people in. More people slowly trickeled in later because I guess we were the only people that didn't know that there were supposed to be like 6 bands there.... AND wow. There was this one chick there who must have been a professional hula-hooper because she was doing things with a hula-hoop that I didn't know were phyically possible. She was doing it like around her body with both arms in and would pull one out and then switch and go from like her knees to the top of her hands and stuff. She even hula-hooped on ONE shoulder. Not around her arm, but just on the outside of her shoulder. It was pretty amazing.
...Yeah... the bands were pretty good too. lol. I saw Charles there. And it was good music. I kinda wanted a cup of coffee there though, because some of it just made me want coffee. Oh man. Love and Reverie had a kind of simplistic but very effective light set. I really liked it. If I ever take it off my phone, I'll put it on here. I was mesmerized. well here's something similar I found on youtube.... If you don't want to watch the whole 5 mins, just skip ahead to about 3:40. It was so much better at the Brewery though. And they sounded so much better...

It was kinda late, and the last band wasn't that great so we left during their set. Since we were near it, I wanted to go get some doughnuts from the Krispy Cream on Peace St. So we get there and they stopped serving at midnight. grrr.... And we kinda wanted something to do so we wandered around peace st, but nothing was open. (Nothing IS open that late in Raleigh). And since I still wanted doughnuts, we stopped at the Dunkin. Well... they didn't have chocolate glazed- just frosted- Which forced me to buy a cup of coffee. And I must say their coffee was quite tasty and went perfect with their chocolate frosted doughnuts. So we ate the doughnuts (which were also quite tasty despite not being glazed) in the parking lot. And by the time I took her home and got home myself, it was 3 something. I smelled like the Brewery and didn't want to go to bed smelling that way so I decided to take a shower and kept dozing off in the process. I was TIRED. Then it was around 4 by the time I went to bed.
All I remember after that is the sound of my alarm at 11... My 26 hour day...

And nothing really interesting happened today. I woke up; went to school; read in the library until about 6:30. And then I came home thinking that I had to go to work tomorrow (now this morning), but I didn't. I could've read some more. Oh well... because of that, I got to play Zelda: Twilight Princess for the first time. Its really cool. ...Well, that's enough for now. goodnight.

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