Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back to the Phuture

So I haven't been really focused on anything lately, but now my mind is back to sanity. I just hope its not too late for some things...

As far as school goes. A while back I applied to Wake Tech and got accepted. Well, the day after I got accepted I tried to log on and register. They didn't set up my login yet, so I wasn't sure what to do and I fiddled around for a while and finally got my High School transcript and SAT scores sent. And I decided to wait until they contacted me saying they got the stuff. Well, they never did, and I heard from a friend that the payment deadline is tomorrow. So, I just kept waiting... and did nothing (stupid me). Until today, when I decided to try to log on again. It let me, so I set it all up and went online to register. I got an error message saying "you have no student activity on record." So I just looked at the classes and saw what was open that I wanted and probably needed and wrote down my options. So now tomorrow, I have to go to work then go up to the main campus to see what the deal is with my stuff. But at least I'm doing something about it now.
To myself: I'm sorry for being stupid and thinking that I really didn't have to do much. I promise from now on to set goals and reach them asap. No more fiddling around in life. Time to refocus.

;0 <-- haha. I like that face for some reason.

But anyways my problem lately has been that I haven't been focusing on what I need to do and then doing it. I've always known what needs to be done, but I just never did it. And now that some things are out of the way, its time to refocus. Its time to do things instead of thinking about doing them and that such of thing. I was focused for a while, but then things weren't working and I had to hit the "reset" button so to speak. And now I think I just did a cold boot. So I'm troubleshooting from the power supply, and continuing on down the line. And now I'm up and running again with a bigger bus, more RAM, more Hard Drive space, and a faster CPU. so now I'm good to go. Sorry for all the metaphors that probably don't work just right but they're helping me ok? umm yeah.
I wish I could talk about exactly everything that's going on in my life right now, but lets just say that I think God is stretching me and showing me who I am, and taking away and adding, and testing what is there. And its a difficult process, but I know it will be so worth it in the end even if it has to be the very end. My world is a better place. There is peace among the calamity. Death is the catalyst of life.

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Not of this world said...

My Son in whom I am well pleased....way to go...we really have a lot in common right now. I'm glad your on the right track again. Be loves you!