Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Open E Triplet (The better to bash your face to)

OOBER long weekend...

Friday, Matt called me and wanted to go workout with me at the YMCA. So, being that I was going anyway and for the fun of hanging with Matt I decided I would. This creepy lady that always stares at me wasn't there, so I was thankful for that. And the pants that I had for when we were done- somehow a water bottle leaked in the back of my car so they were wet in the butt area. I put them in the swimsuit drier in the locker room, but since its made for lightweight swimshorts it made a loud noise and only succeded in uber twisting my pants. So I stood there for a while with the mini-blowdrier. That seemed to work, but when I put my jeans on they were still damp and uncomfortable. We had to go back to Matt's anyways for a coupon book, so I borrowed a pair of shorts.

We ate at this place called No-Fo's which closes at 10. We got there at 9:50, but it was a cool/laidback place with cool/laidback people. And the food was Allthmazoulous. It was a bit on the err... pricey side, but not overpriced for what it was. And we had a 2 for 1 type coupon so it made it even better. I got some kinda crabmeat/shrimp pasta stuff and Matt got like prime sirloin. -Amazing food. And the waitress girl was pretty cool too.

After No-Fo's it was around 10:30/45ish, but we wanted Starbucks because Mr. Frugality somehow also had a Starbucks giftcard. So I was like "I wonder how late that giant one on Peace St. is open?" Then we got lost and somehow ended up on Peace St. (Insert Hallelujah chorus) and its open until 11:30! woohoo! So we hung out there until late and ran back to my car (down the street) in the rain. I got home around 1ish, and started flipping through the channels. At some point I landed on the Exorcist and watched it until conclusion at 4am.

Saturday, I slept in a tad and messed around until about 5:00. Then I finally decided to wash my filthy car. Its supposed to be white, not cream. So given the severity of the dirtiness I had to hand wash it. Around 7:00 I took Kali with me and we went through Wake Forest to go to the ATM for cash. Then Rolesville to drop off the cooler for Sunday. Then it was off to the Brewery!

So it was a weird mix of bands that night, ranging from emopop to metal. The show finally got started at 9:00 after everyone was standing in the rain for 30 mins. And it was PACKED. I never knew so many people could fit in such a small place. And for some reason there were a lot of really large guys there. And there were also a lot of really mad people there too. Large people + crowded room + mad people + heavy music= much cheapshots and face bashing. I saw Kelly there and met her friend Anna (correct me if wrongname). That was pretty cool. And of course I got smashed in the head by a huge guy twice and bit my tongue. I got in on a little of the moshing when it was real moshing, but like I said many people were there that night just to bash faces. I like my face thank you. And I try to keep my teeth in my mouth. I felt really cool when I barely missed getting my face bashed by much needed facial evasion. That was fun. I'm alive. A few fights broke out too. That was also fun. Of course some some kid "hardcore dancing" spinkicked this guy and then he did the same thing back. [Haha. sawitcoming.] So then they went after each other right in the middle of the circle. But not wanting to put up with such BS, me and a bunch of other people were there to pull them apart. A lot of other crap happened like that too. Some of it was stupid because it made everybody mad, and then no one was having fun. But overall I had a good time. The show didn't end until after 1:00 am.

So I got home and in bed around 3ish only to wake up at 6 to go get the sausage biscuits for church. 140 is a lot of greasy fat sandwiches that smell and taste good. I went to church, went to SundaySchool and taught my SundaySchool class. I get to do the lesson next week. I'm scared. No, its not that bad. I just have 20 kids that love to learn and have fun. Its completely different than I imagined it. It really is a quite enjoyable experience.

After church, I went to the Shaw's house. I went with Lacee and Seri to the Goodwill(s), and foreal there was like hardly anything there that was interesting. It was like the circus took all of their stuff back. And I found a bunch of those cool zipup boots, but they were all the long girl kind. UGH. My feet will find their love someday. We went back to there house, and I prettymuch just chilled there all day. Mrs Laura was cutting someone's hair, so I asked if she could cut mine, since Ryan's too lazy to do it. She did, and I love it. (Thanks again if you read this.) So it kinda turned into a haircut fest as other people got their hairs cut too. And Shrek was on. I forgot how actually it was kinda a cool movie until I saw most of it again.

Needless to say, I slept great last night. Then today I woke up to go to my interview with the YMCA at 9:00. Then I met Chad and his kids at MiccyD's for lunch. and it was work time. I really wanted to workout at the YMCA after work, but my body doesn't agree with me at the moment. Hopefully I'll catch up tomorrow, and then I'll go. I need to. I must. Especially after those brownies I ate tonight. Merry September to all, and to all a good night!

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