Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sorry Foxers

So I got pissed off with IE and decided to come to the dark side and try FireFox. I didn't realize that one of the commands I used in my blog layout doesn't settle well with FireFox (or at least this version). The text column is supposed to be in the middle. Maybe its a plugin I need, so if you use firefox and the text is in the middle of the page then tell me so I won't have to change me layout.

...As you can see, I have made it more Firefox friendly. And it is much simpler and a faster load now. I just used one of the regular blogger templates. I might play with it one day, but I like it this way for now.


Lifes Battle at Heart said...

CALL ME!!!!!
told you to do that a while back. I want to talk to you and not just read words. Though yours do matter to me.

LoveDeath said...

ok. I'm sorry I haven't called yet. I will soon.