Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not Much Time

OK. Now that my "issue(s)" has been settled, I think I can move on with my life. Sorry I won't talk about it much on here just because there are some things that are a deep part of me that I may hint to on the internet so that those who know might be able to guess. But I will never completely put them up here because then it just makes it completely impersonal. I will say this though; nothing has been destroyed and nothing has been constructed- Rather, what was already established has only been strengthened through its testing. I will continue my life just as I always have- striving to become the man I need to be. And I will wait to see what the future holds for me. (If indeed the future really "holds" anything at all.)

Sorry, but the rest of my Jacksonville trip will still have to wait. I do really want to write about it, but I just don't have much time right now. Pictures of it are on my myspace. In one sentance... I hung out with Taylor for a few days, and we went to her sister's graduation on my way back to North Carolina. (Ok, so I cheated... Its a compound sentance, but whatever.)

Dealing with myself has taken up a lot of my energy lately, but the other 5% of my energy has been devoted to working, killing zombies, and trying to hang out with friends. I do need to focus on moving soon though (I'm hoping within a couple of weeks.) But I think that moving can wait until I've killed off the parasites and gotten off of the island and tracked down Ida to get the cure back. But my friends are definately more important than the cure. And so life goes on...

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