Thursday, April 10, 2008

This Bird Just Wants to Fly South

Cleaning the camper took so much longer than I thought it would. Man, so much stuff everywhere! I feel like I'm such a slob/pig/messy person. I need to start organizing my life. I have so much going for me, but instead of it being neatly tucked away in box #42 for easy access it's "somewhere on the desk." I can't even find my tie for that prom. So I might end up going to Henderson after work tomorrow to buy a whole new vest. UG.

Speaking of work... It feels like I'm on vacation now. I actually get to sleep at night and I'm doing stuff during the day. Out in the sun. I love it. Although carpentry isn't exactly my specialty I still enjoy it because I get to breathe the fresh, pollen and sawdust-filled air.

And I'm a little upset right now because I want to move to Jacksonville so bad, but I can't seem to even get people to consider me for a job right now. It really sucks. I'm really tired of being here in North Carolina. I love the few friends that I have here, but other than that there's nothing left here for me. Most of my friends have long since gone and left me or were never really my "friends" in the first place so now we just never talk or hang out or do anything. I don't know. I'm just ready to meet new people, to see my best friend, to use my life for what I can use it for. It's hard to be patient.

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