Sunday, March 2, 2008

Over Hill and Under Mud

Its been longer than usual...

I had a little adventure on Wensday and Thursday. If you want to know complete details you'll have to ask. I started out being bored and wanting to go to somewhere I've never been. I looked on a map and saw a lake just across the VA line that I thought might be cool. As soon as I was about to leave, I had to take my sibilings to church. So I left later than I wanted. When got there, it was already dark, so I decided to keep going. I just kept going, and going.

I realized a while later that I wasn't too far from Maryland, so I went there. When I was close to Maryland I started seeing the signs for Gettysburg. I thought, "It can't be that much further, and I've never been to Gettysburg." So I decided to see Gettysburg. On the way, I took some little detours through some mountians in MD. Everything there was so cool. Eventough it was dark, I could tell that there were grassy feilds and hills for miles and miles around. It was so beautiful.

I spent the rest of the night in my car at a truckstop in Gettysburg. The next morning, I saw the sunrise over the memorials. It was so beautiful, and cold. I was only outside for 30-45 mins and my fingers weren't too far from frostbite. I couldn't feel them, and the tips of them were becoming white. I warmed up and drove around, looked at the cemetaries and where Lincoln gave his address. Pretty cool. Then I drove around the PA mountians and decided I needed to make it home that night, so I headed back.

While I was passing through some hillbilly town in VA, an extremely large dog decided to dart out in front of me while I was going 65 mph. I swirved to miss it and my car started sliding. I corrected it, but my back end didn't want to stop sliding. I started sliding sideways and imagined my car finally catching and rolling and me being badly hurt and car-less. Thank God that didn't happen. I slid into a deep, muddy ditch in the median and ended up facing the oppisite way that I started. The cops came and tried to help me drive it out. It only became caked in mud. (So much that the hillbillies with their 4X4's were jealous). So they called a tow truck and pulled me out. The whole time my phone was dead and I couldn't call anyone and it was miserably cold. I found a place to rinse my windows off, and some hillbilly started talking to me about what happened. I couldn't understand half of what he said. It was like something out of a movie. But yeah, I finally completely washed my car today so I've gotten some pretty weird looks for the past few days.


Anonymous said...

... I told you you were spontaneous. See? SEE? D8 One of these days I'll catch you on AIM for the details. xD

LoveDeath said...

Sometimes it's not so good. I could've saved much money by not taking that trip, but then I wouldn't have a story to tell.

Anonymous said...

That much is true. Sometimes, doing stuff for the sake of the story is somehow worth it. A little spice in your life, and a little adventure in your past. :D