Saturday, March 15, 2008

Christianity Is Dead

Yeah. That's right. I went there. Seriously, where are all of the "Christians" in this world? There have been several movements and organizations of hope and love in this world. Revelations of values taught back in proverbs and by Christ. Now the world is getting a hold of these values, which is a good thing, but its all about people. Like the whole love your enemies thing: I heard on the radio about it that enemies could communicate and connect and appreciate each other through art that they have created which shows that we are all people and that people- even enemies- should love each other, no matter what differences we have. Hmmm... Does that sound remotely familiar. And what about TWLOHA? Where have the Christians been throughout many people's years of struggle and depression and self mutilation? Oh, excuse me. I know. They were too busy sitting in their pews and writing them off as the "ungodly" or "unchurched". In that sense, I would consider myself more "ungodly" than anyone I know than be someone who scoffs at the pain and sufferings of a bleeding heart crying out for a love that only God can give. A love that should be modeled by those who claim to have it.
Whatever happened to loving people as God loved us? Whatever happened to taking opportunities to PRAY for people to at least let them know we cared. I think that too many times Christians are more worried about what "church" is going to be like or what the "church" will be doing.
First of all the "church" that we now play was modeled after the Roman imperial court. That is not at all what it used to be. Back in Paul's day they used to meet together daily and eat and pray. And the message of Christ and love was not spread every Sunday morning. It was spread every day by those who lived it and spoke of what they lived. That is when they began to be called "Christians" (or "little Christs"). But now all that "Christians" are is another religious group that has their programs and their agendas.
We need to take a stand as individuals to spread love to other people in such a way to show them Christ not only "in" us but "through" us. Now more than ever we need to love "as" and "because" Christ loved. We should also be in constant contact with other believers doing something other than "church". The "church" should not be our central meeting place. It has become a bubble that Christians have put themselves into that says "we're here and the world is there." We should meet so that the world can actively see the glory of God through us. Instead of having "worship" as we call it, we should worship by what we say and do. Songs are dandy, but they don't mean a thing if they are only sung.
From now on I am no longer a "Christian" but a Follower of Christ because "Christian" has become a religion. And when you follow someone (like an apprentice) you are actively learning and imitating what they do. Right now, Christianity is not following Christ. It is following the ways and practices of every other religion out there. It has its hypocrites and radicals. If you don't believe that every other religion has that, then just randomly talk to people about their religion. They will tell you. From now on I follow no man. I follow not an organization. I follow Christ.

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