Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Nothing (Man I want to watch that movie again)

Today, I met with my managers about possibly getting a new shift. I'll know tomorrow.
On my way home I found this quiet, very large pond where beautiful ducks were floating peacefully on the water as the elegant swans swam effortlessly through the air, and in the distance more were gently calling their brethren home. Yet they chose to stay and greet this two legged stranger that knew nothing of their ways and so observed them as they drew near but not too close- ready to flee at any moment. They realized he brought no ill intent so they carried on with their business of feeding and cleaning as the water rushed swiftly beneath their feathers, across their webbed, clawed, yellow feet, and into the reservoir below... It was a peaceful moment.

I also developed my hacking skills a little, but don't worry I'm a complete noob so I won't infiltrate your network and destroy everything you have by obtaining your IP address from the cookie that you left when you came to this site. I'll only do that if you make me mad.

And I snagged Marth, Roy, Dr. Mario, Young Link, and a few others on SSBM.

PS: Happy Valentine's Day everyone. (Whatever that is)


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