Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I'm sleepy, but I'll give a quick update. Basically, no one has commented anywhere. Not here, not es not fb not ms not am. So my side of the www has been uneventful until today when I went in circles with this guy on es with our differing worldviews. Basically, neither one of us could keep the conversation heading in a steady direction because of what the other one would say. By that time there were 25 other people signed in that probably grew tired of it. Someone else said something random and I just stopped. Hopefully I impacted the world a little for Christ. I don't know. Maybe I did nothing. Well, I at least have a long string of chat with some person on some database or harddrive somewhere.

I got my haircut today and I love it. I'll post some pictures after I put them on my computer. I'm too lazy to put them on at the moment because that would mean finding the reader. Ummm.... All else that I did today was look at surround systems only to realize that I have no money to buy one, and probably have no need for one.

I'm in the camper now and its quite clean and cozy since I took hold of it. It's hard to get a signal with internet out here so if I'm ever on AIM and talking to you and suddenly go away and never return its not because I hate you. (so you'll think that at least. haha) Yeah thats it. I get many hits from different servers on here but noone comments so if you read this, then please comment. Even if you hate me I'll still feel better. Goodnight.


Lacee said...

*Comments* :x I want to see your new hair. xD

Sheraldo said...

think of talking to others about Christ as lego blocks.. you might talk to someone and never see them change but you might be the one who laid the first block. the person might continue with life and run on hard times or anything and someone will offer them a cup of coffee on a bad day and tell them they will pray for them. the person continues still unsure but thinking on your conversation and the person who is praying for them "the second block" they reach a point where they are finally open and someone shows them the love of Christ. the final block which built there wall which started with your foundation. you may never see the end result, however that doesnt mean its not out there..

Lovedeathsdeath said...

Thanks for reminding me of that priciple Sheraldo. Hopefully someone else wiil talk to the person soon.

Lovedeathsdeath said...

Lacee. You'll see it soon. I really really like it.