Sunday, December 30, 2007

On a happier note...

I did find out that our washer and dryer now work. Yay for clean clothes! Ummm... I had something else positive to say but I got choclate on my shirt and I'm in too much of a pessimistic mood to remember the positive thing I was going to say.

Now I remember... The video for my cousin's wedding is working out perfectly. YAY. I ran into a major brick wall with it a long time ago, then didn't have time to work on it. But when I finally got the time to work on it, I went back to the drawing board. I was missing peices of the wedding where people were singing songs. I had the audio, but nobody was on stage that was important and I wasn't behind the camera to move it off stage. My problem- good audio but no video. Then I was also worried about what to do with the footage that wasn't the ceremony. DING! Put the non ceremony video over the song audio! Muahaha (evil genius style). I had to start all over again on the editing and I only have a couple of hours of work left. She doesn't even know that I remembered to do the video. Hehe. Won't she be surprised? Or either extremely mad that it took so long... I'll post her reaction on here when I'm done.

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