Sunday, April 19, 2009

The tounge sets the course of life on fire.

Quick story:
I went to see a show at the National today in Richmond, VA. Between sets, just after I tie my shoe, this girl comes and taps me on the shoulder...

Random Girl: Hey (said in the tone of "Hi I haven't seen you in a while")
ME: uh Hey.
Random Girl: What's your name?
ME: Jeremy, what's yours?
Random Girl: Well I'm Sarah and this is Rachel
ME: Well nice to meet you. Where are you guys from?
SARAH: Here. Where are you from?
ME: Raleigh.
SARAH: *raises eyebrows as if Raleigh were some distant far away land* So who are you here to see?
ME: Well, my friend told me that Norma Jean was playing...
SARAH: Yeah we were here to see them too, but we just found out that they backed out.
ME: Yeah, my friend told me while we were waiting in line.
SARAH: I really did like their older stuff with their old lead singer. Like from Bless the Martyr Kiss the Child.
ME: Yeah Josh Scoggin is amazing. But the name of the band still carries on and I really wanted to see "Norma Jean" just to say I did.
SARAH: We tried like 4 times now but we just keep missing them. So where are your friends?
ME: Oh they're up there(midlevel). I decided I might as well come up here.
SARAH: Well we're up there (I'm assuming she meant upper level).
ME: cool
SARAH: So how old are you?
ME: 20

*Sarah looks at Rachel*
SARAH: We gotta go.
ME: OK nice meeting you. [as they scamper off towards the doors that lead upstairs]

Then I got a text from Nicole: "You look cool with all your friends"
"Did you see them?"
"Yeah. I can see them now."
"After they asked my age they walked away. Knowing my luck they were probably 14. haha"

Overall a pretty fun night, except for a no moshing or crowd surfing policy. Of course we had our short little moshpits anyways. We even had a brief wall of death and almost started a circle pit. But they had some tight security so probably at least fifty people got thrown out. I'm never going back there again. (by choice. I didn't get thrown out.) But yeah, just thought I'd put a little chuckle up on here.

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