Saturday, December 27, 2008

123 --> For Real

Ok, well its obvious that I haven't been updating this thing really a lot lately. But that's because I'm not sure that very many people read it. And there's not really much to blog about for me except for stuff that always seems to make people think that I'm depressed... So, I might continue this thing or I might not. We'll see. If you read this regularly and want me to continue posting then maybe I'll try to find something to talk about on here, but yeah just let me know... General overview->>
I'm trying to get my life straight, and be who I need to be so that something might happen. But right now, I'm in "stuck" mode again I guess as far as how I feel. I mean, if I step back and look I guess my life is progressing at a steady pace, but maybe I'm just impatient. I don't know. I just don't want to end up like someone who finally lines up the rest of their life when their 40 because they didn't know how to do it when they were younger. And my world is open, but all I see is fog.

This is who we are reinventing who we were.

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