Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trance and Munchies

We're the imagination of our selves...

Well, I've been reading this book lately that's futuristic sci-fi cyberpunkish. It has some pretty cool concepts. As in humans uploading their minds into a server and just being electronic forms of consciousness, rather than physical beings. Then they can manipulate their environment depending on the size of their environment. And it even throws in bandwidth problems and memory allocations, and networking hierarchies and stuff. It's pretty neat to think about it. That quote is from a song that I was listening to, and it kinda led me to think about the book..

So on the subject of memory... My computer was just eating memory like a pothead with the munchies. Windows was trying to install a Service Pack3 update. Then it was taking an immortal monkey's lifetime so I told it "no". I guess it got mad at me because after I told it to stop, the program it was using kept eating my computer's memory! GAH! Sso I ended the process and all is better now, and I can listen to psychedelic trance and browse the Internet at the same time! WooHoo. And throw things at Ryan inbetween.

As you can tell, my mind is all over the place right now. I wish I had something to tell you guys that was interesting about my day or my dreams or something, but I don't. It was just a day today. A day of working two jobs, coming home, eating, and making lattes and cappachinos, then fighting with my pothead computer. I'm trying to multitask, but I suck at it. I blame my male being... I'll shut up now.

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