Monday, September 15, 2008

One Bird, Two Stones

MUHAHAHA!!!!!!! I'm back. And it feels great too because as far as jobs go, I kinda sorta have a choice in the matter. Having job freedom leads to more money and more money leads to doing more things (aka- college and more thriftstore clothes and more cool thriftstore gadgets!). So tomorrow (well today really) I'm going to check out some job doing some new mulch thing, and I'm also going to check out a post with Ye Ol' Security company. Maybe I'll think to actually post about it, since I haven't been posting things lately.

Saturday, I went to help the youth pass out water bottles and candy bars in Moor's Square (where a lot of homeless people are). It was a pretty good time. And I got to see things that I've never really seen about Raleigh before. Like, how many homeless people there actually are there; how they live; and all of the cool things that people do to try to help them out. And there seems to be a church for homeless people. That was probably one of the coolest things I got to see. I think I've heard of it before, but never really thought about it. Then to see an old white lady get down to some Kirk Franklin- hilarious!

Today I went to church and asked Brian if there was anything I could help out with SundaySchool-wise. Then it was like "Lets see where PJ wants you." and as soon as PJ saw me (without me or Brian saying anything) it was (loudly, exictedPJstyle) "You're back? You're back from FL? Are you back for good? (Yes) Well then come with me. You're not doing anything right now are you? Good. I want you to come in here." I was then ushered into the 6th grade sunday school class where they needed help. So I'm helping with 6th grade Sunday School 3rd hour.

Things are looking up already. Jobs seem to be out there for me, and there is a place/places for me in the church. And I have friends here that I can hang out with. All of the things that I didn't have in FL that I whined about the whole time. I guess God has a way of showing you where you need to be when you are willing to do what you need to do to be there.

P.S. (eventhough there really is no "signature" for this to follow, so more like S.N.)-- Filadelphia needs a new bass player still and I've been thinking about it a little. But there are other places for me to use Grendel and The Beast too.

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Lifes Battle at Heart said...

I'm sure the 6th graders love ya!!