Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Every Breath Can Be the Last

Well, I finally added a new poem to my poetry blog. I actually have more stuff in progress, but its just not completed yet so that's partly why I haven't been posting much on there. And the template isn't going to be permanent. It just looked really "blah" since I took my profile picture away because I have a pic on this blog. I'll try to tell you when I update stuff on there from now on. Be sure to look at the descriptions of the poems because you may have seen some of them floating around on either here or my Myspace or Eliteskills or somewhere else, but I describe them on the poetry blog. Here's a link to it.

So lately I've been trying to get in super shape so when I go to BASIC it won't be too much of a body shock. Basically I've been sleeping late, waking up, drinking a protein loaded banana milkshake, lazing around wasting time for a couple of hours, then going to the YMCA to workout for a couple of hours. I haven't really had much to do except that. But this weekend was different. Memi (my mom's mom) called me, and I helped her out around her house on Saturday.
Then I went from there to church (I go on Saturday nights usually) and I heard exquisitely what I needed to hear- to sum it all up there's more to life than A and B. And God uses those inbetween times after A to form who you should be when you get to B. You don't just instantly teleport and then "make it". So yeah, its cool how God shows us things in more than one way and is like "OK. Now do you understand me?"
After church I met up with De, and he invited me to go play XBox at Joe's house. And I think Joe lives in St. Augustine which is about 30-45min away (for those of you that don't know distances around here). So we played xBox until we were all tired of it and it ended up being sometime around 2AM. De and I had already agreed to go bike riding the next morning, so he said he would call me when he got up. Well, I got home sometime around 3ish. Then I had to take a shower and eat because the last thing I ate was a tuna sub around 4pm. By the time I did all that it was 4AM and I couldn't sleep well so I probably went to sleep around 5.
De called me around 9 to meet him on the Westside to go riding. So I did, and we rode on a bike trail that used to be an old railroad track during the civil war era, but since then they paved it and stuff. There's a whole little history park on it too. I thought it was cool because we were in Jacksonville, but at the same time we were out in the middle of nowhere. We rode about 7.5 miles then turned around and came back. On the way back he let me try out his really expensive bike that you have to wear special shoes to ride. They're special because they lock onto the pedals (they basically are the pedals). He had it set up for him and his feet are a little smaller than mine so I wouldn't be able to ride it like that for too long, but after riding it when I have the money to get a bike- I don't want anything less. It was amazing the difference in speed between a pretty nice bike and that one. Plus the tires were basically slicks with 120 psi so you could coast forever. The ride there felt pretty long, but after I got on that thing it felt like nothing. And I got to eat at Sonny's (for those who don't know its my favorite BBQ restaurant ever). YAY!
I spent the rest of the day walking around Fernindina Beach which kinda sucked since it was a mid-Sunday afternoon and half of the shops were closed. I did find a community theatre there that I'm thinking about auditioning for a couple of their plays. I would really love to get back into that again. And I have time to make plans because what I want to audition for isn't open for auditions until December.

Today I've really done nothing at all until about midnight when I decided I had some stuff I could work on, so I pulled out the computer and watched Ashley's wedding to make notes on stuff I needed to fix. And I'm also going to start working on all of these movie making and computer programing books that I bought. So riding on the coffee that I got at the gas station and the espresso I made, that's kinda what I'm doing but I decided to give whoever cares an update on my life because I've been sucking at that lately. Oh and BTW- I had to change my plans to see Taylor so Friday morning I'm planning on going to Paxton. And I'm planning to come back Sunday. I can't wait. I also can't wait to get the ball rolling with FANG but I'm kinda just waiting on them and there's nothing I can do for the moment. We'll see how that goes. If it doesn't work out, right now I know of another option that I have with life but right now its all hazy. We'll see. I just keep praying that God shows me the right decision and shapes me into who I need to be.

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