Thursday, May 29, 2008

Job Search: Day 1

So I got here at 3 AM with no problem.
I was planning on doing a lot of things today, but none of it really happened like I planned. I woke up at 7, ate breakfast, moved all of my stuff in, and took a shower. By the time I was through with all of this it was 10:00. I don't remember what I did for an hour after that, but I do remember seeing 11:00 and thinking "I can barely think because I'm so tired" (I only slept 2 hours the night before last because I had to get my stuff ready to move.) So I decided to take a power nap. Well, the "power nap" lasted until around 4:00 and I still had people to call and information to gather before I could actually go anywhere. And most offices close by 5. So there goes a wasted day. I decided to look online and applied to a couple of places for some clerical work, but online job applications aren't working so well. I think I've been called back by some scam companies, but that's been it since I started. I've decided that if I want a job, I'm going to actually have to go and talk with people- hmm. What a concept!
I did manage to gather quite a bit of information today though. Tomorrow, I'm going to go to Florida Sun Printing; Shands Hospital for the position of "Clerical Associate"; Baptist Hospital for "Patient Access Representive" and "Program Assistant"; and St. Vincent's Hosptial (if I get the time) for "Console Operator 1" (basically switchboard) and "Food Associate 2" (the cafeteria cashier). And if I see anything inbetween, I'll apply there too. I also want to sell some printouts of some photographs that I've taken, but I don't know how to sell them. -Dinnertime!

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