Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Have Things to Do

So for a quick update, life is getting busy again. Sometimes its fun, sometimes boring, sometimes frustrating, sometimes cool. I guess that's just how life goes, but for the most part its been busy lately. I've been preparing for things that I can't post on here yet, but will be able to soon. Then, doing the best I can to not completely seperate myself from society inbetween.
Sunday, I played SSBB with Lacee. That thing is amazing. Graphics, gameplay, depth of possibilities... everything! It makes me want a wii now. I never thought that wii had the ability for those graphics. Now they need to utilize that with the controlability of the "wiimote" and make a new Resident Evil! Like Resident "Wiivil" haha. I will never view (or spell) feyish the same way again.
Today, band pratice didn't go so well. We just need to be a little more organized. Matt and I are going to jumpstart orgaization tomorrow, because we might have a gig soon, if we can pull ourselves together. But after pratice I went to Matt's house and had a FEAST. His Mom's Meatloaf= AMAZING. And Asian rice= AMAZING. It reminded me so much of eating Enoch's food at the Shawhouse. Ug, I miss those guys. We also joined in with the rest of America to watch that one girl ruin a Beetles song. You can make it anything but what she did... and if you're going to do a Country, Backwoods Hoedown you should at least be able to keep up with your band. Well, time to fiddle with a 16 track recorder and a bass amp. Goodnight to those going to bed.

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