Saturday, February 2, 2008

What's going on???

Update on general life things:

I finally got a gamecube and Smash Melee. The guy at gamestop was like "yeah, we haven't had any Melee trade ins since Dec." So I picked up Resident Evil 4 and kept looking (Its amazing too btw). Lo and behold... very bottom, third game to the left- hidden among crap- there it was! Muahaha! They just got it in the day before, and that guy was off the day before. And my gamecube is a platinumn with two platinum controllers. The only weird color thing I have is a pink memory card. It was all they had, but it was from Gameshark of all brands. Since when has Gameshark made stuff pink? Whatever...

As far as college... I applied to UNCW and sent my stuff there, but then the name of Full Sail came up again. I thought "Well, its too expensive," but then I actually looked at the finicial stuff (they finally put it on their website, the smarties) and realized that a degree at Full Sail isn't that much more expensive than a degree at UNCW. It just looks more expensive because you do Full Sail in about 2 years while UNCW is 4. UNCW tells you the price by the year, while Full Sail puts it all up front. So I'm in the process of applying to Full Sail as I type. I just like to take a break at the essay part of it. So Orlando here I come!

Work hasn't been so bad lately because I read a few books here and got away from all that was stressing me out so much. Singularity Sky and Iron Sunrise by Charles Stross(?) are amazing. There are a few details which could be said in less graphic ways in Iron Sunrise. I know it adds to the mood and all, but the feel of it was great already. Overall it is amazing.
The main stressful thing is the time that I work, but certian people that I have to be around don't help much either. They can call me on the radio if they need me. I'm still looking around for other jobs and being picky about it. I'm mainly looking for videography/photography stuff. I'm applying for Lifetouch and Picture Me. I also have inquired about some things on craigslist, but haven't heard anything back yet. There's this one guy who does camera work and needs a second cameraman. I just sent him some of my stuff a few hours ago. I hope I can hear back from him soon. That would be the best for now- money and experience. I'm not sure if all of the others are legit, but we'll see.

So, have a nice day everyone...

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