Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You're only a day away... More like a few hours.

Tomorrow I'm going to get a new job (maybe) and a gamecube so I can do more stuff like I did tonight...
Yeah, went to a concert tonight with Matt and Ryan. It was pretty cool. Called Local 501 or something like that- the venue was pretty cool. A sweet little blacked out music bar that would really be fun to play at it seemed like. It would also be great for a really crazy moshpit. It's not that big, and there are no dangerous obstructions *cough*discorodeoplatformandcolumn*cough* that could hurt too many people. The bands were pretty cool too. The best was The Jealous Girlfriends or something like that. The singer seemed like she kept looking at me, but of course there weren't that many people to look at there anyways so it may have seemed like that for every person that was there. I think she's too old for me anyways. A bar isn't the best place to meet someone anyways, but you neve... OK whatever. It's over with. No use worrying now. But I loved their sound. Hurray for vintage tube amps and Telecasters and old Roland bass synth with female vocals put on top of it all.

Matt got his guitar signed by the lead singer of Mae. He was cool and funny. I can't remember this joke he told, but it was so ridiculous that it was hilarious. When he was singing I thought at any moment his neck was going to explode and fling jugular and vocal chords everywhere. If you ever run across this, man, find some better way to sing. It sounded really great, but me and Ryan were both like "whoa, he's not talking in five years." I just don't think its healthy.

The last group I can't remember the guy's name but I've heard him on the radio before. It sounded pretty good, but goofy stage presence. The dude was singing out the side of his head and stuff. That bothered me. Then the guitarist was just so goofy. He was so stiff looking and stuff, eventhough he tried not to be. It was the guitarist equivalent of a "good ol' country boy" trying to dance. Yeah, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I had a great time though, because everyone sounded good, and it was just a cool little place to be.

Then me and Ryan went to steak and shake after dropping Matt off. I'm so glad they're in Wake Forest on Capital and 24 hours. YAY!


Lacee said...

New job? Let me know how it goes! :3

And that does sound like fun.

Lovedeathsdeath said...

Well, I'm applying for a bunch of video/photograpy jobs.