Sunday, January 13, 2008

Entertain Us

We set up the surround system in the house on Friday. That was the scariest thing I've ever done for the sake of aesthetics. So we're sitting there thinking about it one day and we're thinking "how are we going to hide the wires in this room? It's all hardwood." Then Dad gets this brilliant idea to run the speaker wire under the house and drill a hole underneath the speaker stands and run the wire up through the stands through the floor. I thought "OK this can't be so bad. I've been under many houses before." Where's the entrance?- at the other corner of the house. Where's the tightest spot of the crawlspace?- under the living room. How many pipes are there?- 50 billion. There was all this crap in my way such as pipes and support beams and columns that are actually over 100 years old. (1902) Then about halfway through, I have to start crawling army style flat out dragging my body with my arms while pushing with my feet. (you know those toy army soldiers that crawl like a snake) Then the plastic ended and I was in 1 inch thick powdered dirt, choking with every breath I took. By the time I got under the living room, I had to squeeze under the columns by breathing out to fit. It was a nightmare. I thought my lungs were going to shut down from dust inhalation mixed with the lack of oxygen- not to mention I also had to yell to Dad through the floor. Then torn insulation was hanging everywhere, so I had to fight it with the wire. I also had to manage to roll on my back to push the wire through the holes in the floor. I finally got it done and scrambled out of the depths with the few of my remaining gasps for air. If you remember in The Sandlot when the machine that they were trying to get the ball with blew up because of the pressure and that one kid didn't make it so he looked like a walking plaster figure. Yeah, that's what I looked like. It was horrible. The speakers look really good though on the stands. Not one bit of wire is showing. Personally, I wouldn't have cared in the first place.
In other news...
The hotel is boring as crap (Unless you strangely find crap exciting) and this new company that bought out our security company doesn't seem to be employee friendly. Plus, I'm sick and tired of working all night. It's really easy to stay up a little at night after you've worked all day, but staying up during the day after you worked all night is a different story. I want to be able to spend time with friends and family without looking or acting like I'm drunk or high because I'm so tired. I act enough that way already. I long to see the sunrise through my lenses and not my eyelids. So basically all that's saying is that I'm going to be on the job hunt soon. I would like a morning job, sixish to 2ish so I can still have a day left after I'm done. For some reason my body just sleeps better at night. Hmmm.... Maybe because it's NATURAL! Sorry to all of my friends who I said I would call this week but didn't. We're still close to being finished unpacking from the move. So maybe after THIS Monday/Tuesday I'll get to have some fun.

And P.S. I'm reading this new book called Singularity Sky. It's really good and its right up my alley. It's about the future and war and space and time and light speed travel and maybe aliens and wormholes and warp drives and other such things. It is a fiction novel. If you're interested in those things listed, you will probably like it. Don't remember the author right now.

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Lacee said...

Hope the job hunt turns something good up. Daytime jobs can be a pain, but they're better than overnight ones, I think. :3